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Tired of traditional finance holding back your entrepreneurial dreams? Plan Execute Profit removes the roadblocks with flexible self-employed funding up to $400,000. Say goodbye to collateral requirements and “high-risk” industry limitations. We empower all businesses to thrive, from cannabis and adult entertainment to trucking and beyond.

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Get Credit Report here: https://planexepro.com/credit_report
(Judgement, Child Support, Late Payments, Collections, Bankruptcy, Evictions, Medical Bill, Foreclosure, Charge-offs, Pre-Foreclosure)

If Retired or receiving Social Security…

If you believe that you do not meet one or more of our criteria we can still help.

Funding Provided per Year

$5.1 Billion


$6.9 Billion


$8.3 Billion


$10.4 Billion


$10.9 Billion



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