Unlimited jobs, seamless workflows, and a powerful candidate database
Everything you need to

Attract, Hire, and Manage Top Talent Faster

Reduced Time-to-Hire:
Boost your recruitment speed by implementing efficient processes to identify top talent.
Enhanced Team Collaboration:
Improve team collaboration by simplifying the hiring process with centralized tools.
Improved Candidate Experience:
Offer a smooth and personalized application process.
Scalability & Flexibility:
Adapt your platform to your company’s growth.
Increased Hiring Manager Efficiency:
Empower your team to focus on what matters.

Stop Drowning in Applications

Our automated system simplifies the process of sorting resumes by converting them to PDFs and sending instant notifications about new applicants.

AI-Powered Efficiency

Generate compelling job descriptions in seconds and let our AI draft custom workflow emails to free up your valuable time.

Find the Perfect Fit

Make searching for top talent a breeze. Candidates can filter jobs by location, and our powerful search function helps them find the right opportunity.

Your Hiring Process, Simplified

Design custom workflows to match your unique recruitment process, with unlimited stages to track candidates seamlessly.

Highly Customizable

Tailor your entire experience to your brand. Customize emails, job descriptions, application forms, and even design elements to match your company aesthetic.

Collaboration Made Easy

Manage everything from a single platform. Invite team members, manage client access, and leverage GDPR tools for secure data control.

Key Features

Unlimited Job Openings & Candidates

Scale your hiring effortlessly.

AI Job Descriptions & Email Drafts

Automate tedious tasks.

Workflows & Kanban Board

Visualize and manage your hiring pipeline.

One-Click Workflow Management

Move candidates through stages with ease.

Access & Collaboration

Work seamlessly with your applicants.

Data Security & Compliance

Secure applicant information and meet GDPR regulations.

Industry Use Cases:

How Our Recruitment Platform Drives Success Across Different Fields

Fast-Paced Startups & Tech Companies

Attract top tech talent with a modern, mobile-friendly application process.
Leverage AI to draft compelling job descriptions that resonate with tech-savvy candidates.
Quickly fill high-volume roles with features like unlimited job openings and one-click workflow management.

Large Enterprises

Manage complex hiring processes with customizable workflows and Kanban boards.
Ensure data security and compliance with GDPR tools and secure data storage.
Foster collaboration between internal teams and external agencies with client access features.

Retail & Hospitality

Streamline the application process for hourly positions with easy-to-use mobile applications.
Reduce time-to-hire for seasonal positions with automated job posting and closing features
Efficiently screen high volumes of resumes automatically with resume conversion and candidate filtering by location..


Maintain HIPAA compliance with robust data security features.
Ensure a smooth application process for candidates in busy healthcare environments.
Find qualified candidates with specific skills and certifications through advanced search functionalities.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Source top talent with niche skillsets by leveraging custom job descriptions
Simplify the application process for candidates with technical backgrounds
Reduce time-to-hire for critical roles

Job Openings

  • Unlimited job openings
  • Choose how many jobs to show per page
  • AI job description writer
  • Toggle jobs open and closed
  • Automatically close jobs by date
  • Hiring managers of a job can be any email address
  • Create multiple locations for any given job
  • Let candidates filter jobs by location
  • Let candidates search for jobs
  • Add custom sections to job descriptions
  • Reuse shared sections (disclosures, benefits, etc)
  • Application process
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Automatic resume conversion to PDF
  • Resume attached in PDF format
  • Includes answers to custom questions
  • Customizable confirmation email to candidates
  • Candidate database with searching/filtering/sorting/exporting
  • Candidate slide-up panel
  • Instantly scroll through resumes without downloading
  • One-click buttons to move through workflow stages
  • Use AI to draft custom workflow emails
  • Use template text replacements
  • Customize triggered emails as you move candidates
  • Design and customization
  • Real-time preview of design changes
  • Match your brand’s colors
  • Customizable text
  • Buttons, panel title, headline, and thank you message
  • Labels for resume, cover letter, and others
  • Message when no jobs are available
  • Confirmation email with template text replacements
  • Remove resume field or make optional
  • Remove cover letter field or make optional
  • Redirect candidates to an URL after submission
  • Add custom questions
  • Collect candidate references
  • Collect additional file uploads of up to 10MB each
  • Short and long answers
  • Single or multi-select answers
  • Add informative paragraphs and sub-headlines to your brand’s colors
  • Make any field required
  • Drag custom questions to rearrange

Email Templates

Recruitment Features

  • Post and Manage your own jobs
  • Client-view of candidate database
  • ATS workflows
  • Client access to Kanban board
  • Create workflows
  • Create email templates
  • Edit and install Dropboards on your site
  • GDPR tools
  • Create ZIP downloads for data requests
  • Wipe tool to permanently delete data
  • Customize a privacy footer on the application panel

Manage Openings

Organizational Features

  • Invite team members
  • Create workflows to model your hiring processes
  • Unlimited stages from Intake to Offer Accepted
  • Trigger emails when candidates arrive at stages
  • Kanban board view of candidates
  • Drag candidates to any stage
  • Color-coded and collapsible stage lanes

ATS Workflows

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